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Dutch Music Works
  1. Vol.102: A Tale of Reeds
    Bram Nolf, Luc Loubry, Hans Ruckelynck

  2. Vol.101: The Cello in Madness
    Olsi Leka, Piet Kuijken

  3. Vol.19: Songs and Piano Music by Lodewijk Mortelmans
    Werner Van Mechelen, Jozef De Beenhouwer

  4. Vol.99: Six Suites for Harpsichord - Jean-Baptiste Loeillet

  5. Vol.98: A Symphony Of Trees - An Hommage to Ivor Gurney & Ypres

  6. Vol.97: Excerpts from the opera 'The Children of the Sea'- Lodewijk Mortelmans

  7. Vol.96: Where Are The Snows Of Yesteryear?

  8. Vol.95: The Piano Music of Piet Swerts - Russell Hirshfield

  9. Vol.94: Charles Louis Hanssens - The Playful Lightness of the Clarinet

  10. Vol.93: Flemish Baroque Treasures Unveiled

  11. Vol.92: Pastoral Melancholy

  12. Vol.91: Homage to Ria Bollen

  13. Vol.90: Art Songs - Jef van Hoof

  14. Vol.89: Five Centuries of Flemish Harpsichord Music

  15. Vol.88: The Core of all Things - Romantic Art Songs

  16. Vol.87: Music for Piano Four Hands

  17. Vol.86: Mirando Choral Works - Johan Duijck

  18. Vol.85: On The Wings Of Winds - Joseph Jongen

  19. Vol.84: A Bouquet of Forgotten Flowers

  20. Vol.83: Preludes in Times Past & Present - deCompagnie

  21. Vol.82: In Joyful Dismay - Kristiaan & Maarten van Ingelgem

  22. Vol.81: A Meeting with Roland Coryn

  23. Vol.80: Gems from the Belgian Treasure Trove

  24. Vol.79: Reflections on a Song - Belgian Chamber Music for Double Bass and Piano

  25. Vol.78: A Portrait of a Composer: Alain Craens

  26. Vol.77: Dixit Dominus oratorio - Johan Duijck

  27. Vol.76: Memorare - Lodewijk de Vocht

  28. Vol.75: A Bouquet of French & Flemish Songs - August de Boeck

  29. Vol.74: Welcome Stranger - Lucien Posman

  30. Vol.73: Flowers for the Bass Clarinet

  31. Vol.72: Choir Music from Poland & Belgium

  32. Vol.71: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra - August de Boeck

  33. Vol.69: La Declinaison de la Femme

  34. Vol.68: Around Jacob van Eyck

  35. Vol.67: Remembrance Overture Symphony No.2 in A flat major - Jef van Hoof

  36. Vol.66: Concierto del Alma - Johan Duijck

  37. Vol.65: The Fall Now Blows Its Horn

  38. Vol.64: August de Boeck - Selected Piano Works

  39. Vol.63: Hanne Deneire - Ensemble Hommage

  40. Vol.62: Tarquinia - Welffens, Jongen, Celis, Craens

  41. Vol.61: Marinus de Jong

  42. Vol.60: A Tribute to Frits Celis

  43. Vol.59: Heilige Seelenlust (oratorio) - Piet Swerts

  44. Vol.58: Cantiones Sacrae - Johan Duijck

  45. Vol.57: Concertos for Guitar & Orchestra - Swerts, Cabus, van Looy

  46. Vol.56: 18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord

  47. Vol.55: Joseph Ryelandt

  48. Vol.54: el Camino del Alma - Johan Duijck

  49. Vol.53: Darkness - Emanon

  50. Vol.52: Symphony No.2 'Morgenrot' - Piet Swerts

  51. Vol.51: Jef van Hoof

  52. Vol.50: In Manus Tuas (religious music from Flandres)

  53. Vol.49: Joseph Jongen / Georges Lonque

  54. Vol.48: Stefan Meylaers - Portrait of a Composer II

  55. Vol.47: Ernest van der Eyken

  56. Vol.46: Narziss & Goldmund

  57. Vol.45: Piet Swerts - Clarinet Quintet / 2nd String Quintet

  58. Vol.44: Jef van Hoof

  59. Vol.43: Windows on the Bass Clarinet

  60. Vol.42: Trumpet te Deum & Choral Works - Vic Nees

  61. Vol.41: Joseph Jongen - Erard Ensemble

  62. Vol.40: Nina Stemme - Songs by Richard Wagner, Gosta Nystroem, August de Boeck

  63. Vol.39: Jan van der Roost

  64. Vol.38: Beyond the Dream

  65. Vol.37: Mystery - Emanon

  66. Vol.36: The Well Tempered Pianist - Johan Duijck

  67. Vol.34: Marinus de Jong

  68. Vol.32: Music for clarinet, cello and piano

  69. Vol.31: Arthur Meulemans - Orchestral Music

  70. Vol.30: Joseph Jongen

  71. Vol.29: Music for Oboe & Orchestra

  72. Vol.27: Piano Music - Jongen, de Vocht, Mortelmans

  73. Vol.26: Peter Benoit

  74. Vol.24: Portrait of a Composer - Stefan Meylaers

  75. Vol.23: The Thrilling Trombone of Flanders

  76. Vol.21: Choral Music - Robert Herberigs

  77. Vol.18: Music for Strings - Ernest van der Eyken

  78. Vol.16: Chamber Music - Blockx, de Jong

  79. Vol.15: Belgian Piano Music - Peter Benoit

  80. Vol.14: Chamber Music - Welffens, Celis

  81. Vol.13: Jef van Hoof

  82. Vol.12: Music for Flute, Harp & String Trio - Arpae Ensemble

  83. Vol.11: Music of the brothers Meulemans

  84. Vol.10: Romantic Belgian Flute Sonatas

  85. Vol.6: The Flemish Radio Choir

  86. Vol.4: Music for Viola and Piano

  87. Vol.3: Symphonic music by Frits Celis

  88. Vol.2: Impressionistic String Quartets

  89. Vol.1: Peter Benoit - Jef van Hoof


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